Wednesday, 27 January 2016

YOUR God? Your Devil More Like

If you have to be taught about tolerance, your parents raised you wrong. If you have to take classes to teach you about discrimination and racism, you've acquired a blinkered approach to people and the world of your own accord.

No one-day seminar on "Diversity Training" will ever change your mind; no law or legislation will ever change the way you feel inside, despite how you may act on the outside in resentful compliance.

Once you've been led to believe that your God is the right one, and the only one; that prescribed and codified morality is superior to your untainted natural instincts; that you are somehow of the chosen ones, you will always believe there are others that are inferior and lesser.

I submit that your beliefs have more to do with hatred than to do with love. Well, guess what? There IS a hell and eternal damnation.

You're smack bang in the middle of it.
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