Monday, 2 September 2013

You're offended? So what?

Today's rant is about spoken words causing offence. If I say something that 'offends' you, please note the following:

1. I have not done, or sought to have done anything to you. I have not caused any physical trauma, passed on germs or an illness, caused any loss of earnings or destruction of your, or anyone else's property. No crops have been burned, no buildings have collapsed, no diseases have been spread and certainly no one has died. You don't have much else to do. Except maybe justify that education and job that I'm probably paying for.

Nothing I say, no opinion I express, passes anything from me to you. You choose to listen to an opinion that differs from yours. That your feeble brain and weak composition cannot process it is no fault or concern of mine. Get a grip, get a spine, man up and live in the real world.

3. Regardless of what you believe yourself and your brand of morality to be, it is a construct of your OWN mind. Whatever right you give yourself to dismiss my opinions off hand, you can't not afford the same to me. If you think I'm full of crap, I reserve the right to think the same about you. That makes us even. Stop crying 'unfair'. This is as fair as it gets.
4. I give you no right to be offended on my behalf. You have no idea about me. In the same vein, I'd like to hear directly from anyone who feels he (or she) has a grievance. You can take your moral merde and stuff it. Being turbanned and brown, I do get the occasional jibe. I can deal with it. The middle-aged-white-male-that-votes-against-gay-rights-from-deep-within-the-closet and screams in PC is an anomaly and aberration of natural law, the technical term for which is 'Idiot'.

5. You want to create a more tolerant society. That's really easy to do. All it's going to need is the likes of you to STFU.