Friday, 15 January 2016

Being A Sikh

As a Sikh, I don't care what religion you follow or whatever label you ascribe yourself to; as long as you are kind, treat others how you'd like to be treated, and understand that all humanity lives in a symbiotic relationship with one another: In the end, that's what it's all about. 

You might want to remember, most of the Gurus and heroes from the Sikh pantheon bled and died for far more than the narrowly defined beliefs of any one faith or way of thinking, INCLUDING their own. 

Call God whatever you you want, I don't care. Neither would a single one of the ten, nay, eleven Gurus we hope to emulate. The starting point of our scriptures define God as without form, without fear or hatred or prejudice; without beginning or end, and in one word, indescribable.

That, I believe is what Sikhism is all about. Despite our beards, turbans and long locks, we are NOT the Taliban. We are not separate from you; we are part of you, and we care about you. We care about you because our humanity and our compassion expects us to be.

When your argument rests on the nature and length of your beard or your underwear, or the fact that you believe YOU, and not God are the moral arbitrator of who a Sikh can marry without the blessings of the the  "establishment" or conversion to your narrow little constraints, you actually limit and contradict the very God you pretend (yes, pretend) to follow, you belittle the Mool Mantar - the very basis of what Baba Nanak stated God is.

I'm sorry, the only "establishment" I recognise is the Shri Guru Granth Sahib. If you'd read it purely, and without the contamination of the so-called leaders and defenders of the faith, you'll probably wise up some.

We're NOT a seprate ethnic identity; Sikhism is bigger than mere skin colour or geographical culture. Sikhism is about sanity, reason, compassion, kindness, acceptance and love, and I'm happy to challenge anyone who believes otherwise. I dare you to debate me. By all means, bring your scriptures and fatwas along.

This isn't an anti-Sikh or anti-religion tirade. This is an anti-idiot rant. Tell me I'm wrong, and prove to me I don't get it; I'm happy to learn and change my way of thinking - if you make sense.


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