Thursday, 7 March 2013

When you die...

There are THREE kinds of people that will turn up at your funeral:

The FIRST will be there because they are deeply saddened and wonder what life would be like without you in it. It will also include those that wished they'd made more of an effort to to reach out to you. Sadly they're the ones you take for granted most of your life. If you can think of anyone like that, give them a call. Do it this evening. Tell them you love them; they do.

The SECOND will be those that will turn up for the circus of your passing, and to make sure you're really gone. They're the ones that secretly copied and imitated you and yet talked ill of you. The ones that tried to undermine and discredit you when you weren't around. The ones that dismissed your parties as debauched hedonism, but burned up inside because they weren't invited. They're what made life worth living. And maybe even dying. They could have been your friends, if only they'd gotten past their own egos, their insecurities and their inadequacies. Well, party on. Nothing tortures them more.

The THIRD will be the ones that have to; not need to or want to. They would be the ones who meant nothing to you and vice versa. The ones you probably never ever met. The ones who are simply keeping up appearances. They'll come because they need to be seen to be there. They are the 'they' in "They say...". They are the 'people' in "What will people say?". They are the 'regrets' in "a life full of regrets." Ironically, you spend most of your time living your life on their terms. Stop it. Life's too short. By the time most people realise that, it's too late.
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