Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Mountains

This is a poem I wrote some years ago. It was published in the inaugural issue of The Afghan Mosaic, which unfortunately ceased publication after a few issues due to lack of interest and funding. The poem talks about how I miss Afghanistan and how with each passing year it recedes further into my past until it seems like it was a dream...

The Mountains

There's a world I knew
Of glistening dawns
Kissed by the morning dew
In the mountains nearby

There is a place I love
Of placid lakes reflecting
The craggy rock above
In the mountains not far away

There used to be a home
That I see in my dreams
And my heart still roams
In the mountains, somewhere

There was once a land
Memories of which I keep
From shifting like sand
In the mountains far, far away

I long to go there
Among the rocky hills
And the cool mountain air
If those mountains still exist
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